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  • On the tlc 19 I have a headset that does not work
    Hello To solve this problem you must reset the headset You have to press the sensor button on the top of the headset that does not work for 4 seconds. After this manipulation it will connect directly to the other headset for normal operation
  • Pairing problem on the TLC01 headsets
    When the A2-TWS headphones do not pair automatically, here is the procedure to follow: - long press simultaneously to turn off the 2 headsets- simultaneous long press to reset (the earpieces then flash 2 times each simultaneously in purple)- short press to turn the headphones back on, which will then pair automatically
  • Hello, could I have the instructions for the TLSM04 watch?
    Hello Please find attached the instructions for our TLSM01 watch Regards the Telefunken team
  • How to reach you
    You can reach us directly through the contact form If you wish to be contacted for online troubleshooting, you must provide us with your telephone number
  • Hello, what is the application that allows the control of the TL SM02 watch
    Hello app is DAFIT
  • How to use the sleep function with Android and tlsm02
    The sleep function is automatically activated as soon as you start sleeping, the watch detects the absence of movement and begins to generate statistics. you can then view them on your watch or on the application and for this you must connect your watch via the application.
  • Is it possible to pair two speakers from your range
    Yes! you can pair two speakers of the same references the TLAU 17 reference the TLAU 18 reference the TLAU 11 reference the TLAU 10 benchmark These two references have the TWS function The Telefunken team
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